24 years old, graduate at University of Rizal with a Bachelor's Degree of Computer Engineering. First job landed on a Web Hosting Company for a year and 2 months. Currently working as a Workforce Analyst at TaskUs Inc. for 3 years. Mobile gadget geek, huge LeBron James fan, basketball enthusiast, funny and simple.

I am currently studying at Tuitt Coding Boot Camp to gain additional knowledge and skillsets about Web Development and become a Junior Web Developer soon.

IT Support

I was part of the Technical Team on my first job at a Web Hosting Company. I monitor website activities, troubleshoot issues with their websites and emails, support client accounts and lastly, ensure that our servers are 24/7 up and running.

Data and Reports Analysis

I am currently working as Workforce Analyst on a BPO Company. I monitor agent's productivity, create and analyze reports based on account's performance. Provide work schedules to agents to maintain a work-life balance culture. Our Organization's goal is to help drive the business and meet client's requirements.

Web Development

Started as a Technical Support Specialist from Workforce Analyst, it has always been my dream job to become a Web Developer. It's never too late to shift careers and here I am now, studying at Tuitt Coding Boot Camp to pursue what I really wanted.






For more information, feel free to shoot me an email at or contact me via mobile - 09270536733